Creating an open-source Internet of Value

Particle B is a startup accelerator dedicated to incubating projects built on blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Chain, with a high potential to bring disruptive impact.


Particle B was inspired by the rise of DeFi, and our desire to tackle the common challenges faced by the sector.

In 2020, decentralized finance (DeFi) grew at an astonishing pace, with total value locked close to $15 billion at year-end. However, DeFi has its shortcomings - common user complaints include difficulty in understanding the UI, high transaction costs & long confirmation times during network congestion, among others.

Leveraging Gary Or’s experience as co-founder and CTO of, Particle B focuses on incubating DeFi projects built on Chain - a blockchain that aspires to deliver fast and cheap transactions. The team is also evaluating projects for the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, which are two of the earliest and best-established networks.


An open-source Internet of Value, where no single entity owns the network, while everyone benefits from it equitably.


To build and scale the infrastructure that enables and supports the open-source Internet of Value.


Gary Or

Gary is an entrepreneur, hacker and product designer with a keen interest in blockchain technology. Prior to founding Particle B, Gary was the co-founder and CTO of With over 10 years of full stack engineering experience (RoR, Elixir, Golang), Gary oversaw the end-to-end development of crypto products across payment, trading and financial services. During Gary’s time with the user base grew to over 5 million worldwide.
Transforming the Internet of Information into the Internet of Value is a continuous journey to make value transfer easier and cheaper for anyone around the globe.


Tectonic is the all-in-one DeFi protocol that combines all the major DeFi systems - AMM, lending and stablecoin issuance into a single place. Enhanced with tools such as balance sheet and accounting ratios, Tectonic enables capital to be utilized for different purposes, resulting in better capital efficiency compared to other DeFi protocols. Protocol users will enjoy various benefits with lower financial risks.
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Particle B welcomes ideas, comments and suggestions from the community.

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